Ok, so today started the Army Interview. None of us have actually gone through one yet, the instructor went through all the steps and did a real fast one, but will go through a whole one in real time tomorrow. So it was another day of power point and BS'in.

It was however day 1 of our live phone calls. There is 24 phones in a room, with a lil cubicle per phone/computer. So we had two shifts, each an hour long. Basically, you sit at a phone, they give you a list of names, number, and addresses and you go down that list calling them. For instance, today we had college students from Valdosta, GA. I called like 16 people and only actually got ahold of 3 people. Most were not there so you leave a message, and others had wrong numbers. I think out of our whole class we only got 1 lead. What made it so hard was most the people we ended up talking to all had at least one Masters Degree and had a sweet ass job, so you couldn't sell them water in a desert. At first I was nervous as hell and I could tell by how shaky my voice was, but eventually I got into the flow of things and it was ok, and of the people I talked to they were pretty nice. Some people did get hung up on, but overall everyone had some good stories to tell. You don't get graded on it, and the instructor don't really pay attention to what your saying or even really deal with you unless you have someone interested, then you just get their info, verify their address, ask some qualification questions, and then have the instructor come verify that everything you wrote down was true and infact they wanted to talk to a recruiter. Since we don't have access to the actual recruiters calendars we just had to tell them in 3 to 5 days their recruiter would call them and set up the interview. It was only an hour and depending on who you got ahold of controlled how many phone calls you got to make, some made more than 20, others did about 6. But it's everyday except Friday.
juan steele

Sound like it's gonna but a long week.


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