Well today was my first appointment. It went pretty well, nothing like what was going on at the school house. I guess thats why they tell you not to really go by it except for while your there. It wasn't as nerve racking or as long as the one during RECEX either. He goes to test on Monday so we'll see how it goes from there. Hopefully all goes well so that way I can have at least 1 in before the end of the month. S


After in-processing and taking my permissive TDY I've started the trail. It's actually like my 3rd day at my station working. The first day was pretty cool. I showed up, talked to my Team Leader and then had to head up to the battalion to pick up my computer. After that I was showed again how to use the computer and the systems. I'll tell you I forgot alot since the school house, plus I'm sure each station has different ways they want things done. I was out of the station by 5 p.m.

Day two was kinda the same. Showed up, did a little pre-planning with my Team Leader and then did a little left seat/right seat ride with another Recruiter. We pretty much drove around our area and checked out where the schools were. Another pretty simple day, up to now still haven't done any P1 which is fine with me.

Today was cool. When I got in I had to make my plan for the rest of the week. It was simple. For my station they want at least 3 hours or so of some P3 and about an hour of P1. I also sent out emails to some people in my area. P3 was actually fun, I went to a local college and walked around the campus to get a feel for it and posted up a bunch of flyers and cards and such. Then I went around the town to other places posting things up. I did a little P1 today, not that much since someone walked in and wanted to join so I sat in on the interview and process with her and my colleague. And that was my day. I'm sure it will get more hectic and productive when I get into the swing of things. I also have a football camp to go help out at tomorrow and a festival to have a table at this weekend.

So far I'm thinking that Recruiting won't be that bad, but I think alot has to do with your leadership. My leadership is pretty cool, they are all knowledgeable and seem to help out alot. This is 3rd Brigade though so it's team recruiting so everyone isn't out to make their own numbers, it's what every brings in, so as long as everyone puts in an effort to make mission everyone is happy. Well until next time "Have a Great Recui

This blog will be updated and posted after I settle into my new home and begin working as a U.S. Army Recruiter. It will follow the three or so years that I will be a recruiter. It will include my personal views on the Recruiter life and USAREC. My views are by no means an acurate portrayal of Recruiting, they are just my views, some like it and some hate it. Only time will tell.