Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. The PCS process has been hectic and seems like its been non stop.

I only was home from the school house for about two weeks before I began the PCS process. It went pretty smoothly and I'm sure it varies from post to post and unit to unit so I won't go in great detail about it. I had no hang ups so it was a quick process. I signed out for leave on the 14th of May and headed to where I was going to be recruiting and started looking for a place to live.

Once I got here the search was on, it took about a week of looking before I found anything. I used all the days I put on my leave form, I didn't take the option to check in early.

The first day at the station was something new. Of course the day I show up the CO and 1SG were coming down for a PCS award for a outgoing recruiter. They were pretty cool. Later that morning I went up to the company headquarters to inprocess there, it was only a one page info sheet, I also talked with the CO and the 1SG about their expectations and all that. After that I was done for the day because my appointment to inprocess battalion was for the next day.

I had to drive about an hour and a half to get to the battalion, not bad since my station commander drove the GOV there. It was pretty informal, basically everything was done by civilians. I got my government cell phone and car (Pontiac G6). I'll get my computer when I get back off of Permissive TDY. It took four hours to get everything done. When we were done we headed back down to out neck of the woods and I was done for the day. I go back in like 10 days which is cool, I mean I already have a place to live but they pretty much give it to everyone. Also I don't think they care much since I don't go on production til July. They'll take care of everything for you, TRICARE, Travel, Travel Card, DTS, etc.

Inprocessing was quicker and easier than I imagined. There isn't too much different to know other than the extras you get as a Recruiter such as the car and phone. The biggest thing I can think of was TRICARE because basically picking the doctor is up to you.

Thats pretty much everything that has happened in the last few weeks. Keep in mind that my battalion may be different than others. I know the website says to go to the battalion HQ your first day but when I called they said go to my station first. Other than that I think most things should be pretty similar. As for all the things that I needed was my orders, leave form, latest NCOER, ERB, PT card and thats about it. Don't ask me why thats all, it seems to me like it should be more. Well good luck to all those out there. Ill be hoping I'll be able to keep you as updated as I can. I'll try not to be so lazy about this site in the future.
Well, I've been home for almost a week, and man it has been great. I've got my orders, got transportation set up, and only a few days from beginning my clearing. I can't wait. There are a few things I'd like to pass on to everyone, I'm sure most of you may know already, but for those of you who don't. Family Seperation Pay, make sure you file for it, your entitled to it. It should be around $400.00. All you need is your travel orders, your travel voucher after you close out your DTS thing, and then the Family Seperation Pay form (DD 1561). It should show up on the next LES as long as you get it in before the deadline. Second, as soon as you get back to your base, go to the person in charge of cutting the orders, it took me 5 minutes to get the orders in my hands so I could walk right over to the transportation office to set up my dates. Also, the DLA, I checked on that, you can get an advance which will help out with the move, I know for an E5 w/ Deps its a lil more than $1,900.00.

Right now I'm just waiting for the days to trickle by, which they have been, I was only at work for 3 days and it felt like a week. I also just had my wisdom teeth pulled out and these days have been going even slower. I know there are things I need to do, but most of it I need to do while I'm clearing. But all is well since school, I think the weirdest thing is that everyone now asks me all the time abour reenlistment stuff, like I'm an expert on that stuff, lol, but it's all good. Well I hope everyone is doing good.
I haven't attended Recruiter School yet or have I really started getting ready for my move. However, I have attended my LEVY brief and found out some good information.

First, transportation is going to suck. They say that it's best to set up a packing and moving appointment a few months in advance, but since I'm going to school first they say I can't until I get home because my actual PCS orders won't be published until then and of course they can't do appointments without orders, even a tentative appointment. Now to me, with the way they talk about how booked up they get I would think they would allow you to schedule one before school because as far as I've heard you can't fail Recruiter School. But no joy on that one. Which will give me about 45 days to get an appointment and packed and on the road, on top of that I wan't to take PCS leave, so in reality I wanna be out of here (Ft. Riley) withing 30-35 days after returning from school.

All I can really do is prep my family and my on-post house for the move. The family is ready, like ready now, my wife wants to move now, she don't care to really as long as it's not Kansas anymore. The kids, well they are as ready as we want them to be, they don't know really wants going on. The house is going to take a bit of work. We have some things we need to repair. But first we need to repaint our walls back to the white that they were. That should be fun. Then there is the kitchen floor, for some reason our dog thought that she could dig through the floor, but all that happened was the linoluem got tore up. Then they have to come do a pre-termination inspection, hopefully they don't see the burn in the counter top, the missing blind, the partially melted siding, or the holes the dog dug in the back yard. If they don't see that stuff we should be able to make it out of here without horrible fees being due. And, personally, these houses are old enough and should be demolished soon.