Another day of phone calls. Not too bad, we had 4 people get No Go's so they gotta do one more. You really only need 2 Go's to be considered good enough, but the instructor wants the people who got a No Go to do another one just for good measure. But it is amazing how much more the small groups are laid back. All we did was phone calls today. We have 9 people in my small group and thats including me and each phone call is no more 10 minutes long, so thats a total of 90 minutes worth of phone calls in a 7 hr day. So to say the least we take a lot of breaks and just BS in class.

Next week we get to call real people. I guess it's people in an area where the recruiting station isn't doing so well, so to help them out we get to call their people to try to make appointments for them. I guess it can't hurt them much ya know. I asked my instructor if they were going to be sitting over us listening to how we are doing it or letting us kinda go on our own, but she just kinda laughed and said I'll let you see for yourself. So I don't know if I should be scared or not,

juan steele

Any kinda grade for the phone calls next week?
a go for confirm appt
a no-go for hang-ups

Recruiter Life

No not really. They have certain points you have to hit, i.e. establish rapport, find out what their goals and passions are, use skilled counseling techniques, get appointment, overcome objections, invite influencers, pre-qual them, and get a referal. If you miss those you'll get a no go or if you just do really bad. But hang ups arent on you, so they don't count against you.


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