We started our "phone calls" today. It wasn't too bad, we all got GO's, but then the instructor told us everyone gets GO's on their first time since they can't hold it against you if your not sure what to do exactly, plus you got your cheat sheet. Tomorrow we do our second "phone call" and we can't have our cheat sheets in front of us, or any notes for that matter. It was a little nerve racking, but it's just your small group there and the instructor just sits back and listens to you talk to your "applicant" which is another student reading off of some sort of script, it's not word for word just some broad things to say when when the "recruiter" is talking to you, so there is a lot of ad libbing, which can be bad if you have a funny guy in your class. But after this first time and seeing how the others do at it, I don't feel so nervous now.

After lunch we finished up those who had to still make a call and then we went into social networking. More or less it's setting up your professional FACEBOOK. They have a slide show and rules to go with it. The instructor will take you through the whole thing. It also HAS to be linked to your AKO email address and if your facebook is linked to that one now they will make you change it. So if it is and your coming here and plan on making it to week 4 do it now to make it easier on you while your here. I don't know how often we'll actually use our own Recruiter Facebook page, but they make you have one. Oh well. And thats all we did today.

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