Ok, so the blogs may be short and sweet for the next few days. They may also say the same thing, so if thats going to end up to be the case I'll just roll them into one at the end of the week. So if nothing is posted new everyday just be patient.

But today we learned how to make training reservations on the FSR2S, which is the way you find out what jobs your applicant is qualified for based upon their test scores and security clearance eligibility. We were walked through one scenario and the rest of the week, besides Friday is all self paced. Besides the one we were walked through and the one that will be used for the test you have to do 3 more this week by yourself. So after we learned how to do it we have 2 1/2 days to do 3 more. And we have ALL day Wedsnesday and Thursday. Once you get the hang of it, it dont' take but 30 mins to an hour to do one. I only have 1 1/2 more scenarios to go through. So the next two days is going to be kinda slow and boring for me.

We also take our PT test in the morning. That should be tons of fun. I don't know why we even take one, it stays in house. Yeah we do a PT card for it, but no one else is going to see it. I guess it will show how when you don't do PT on your own time in the Recruiter world, and you eat crap you shouldn't it can catch up with you fast. Like I stated before, in the first week I've gained 7 pounds. May not seem like a lot, but how long does it take to lose 7 pounds, when you have to be in a classroom from 0800 to 1700 everyday, and the only time you get to yourself is from 1800 till you decide to go to sleep. And even though we don't do nothing in the class besides sit there you still want some good sleep. But I know it can be done, I'll see how I do tomorrow. I know it won't be my best, I don't know why but my leg

juan steele

HT and Wt can get you kicked out but the PT Test is house dressing, is that rite?

Cool, one less hurdle.

Recruiter Life

Pretty much, if you fail HT and WT you get taped, if your under 3% over you can stay and see if you meet the reqs by week 5. If you fail the PT test you just get a counseling statement and nothing is done.

Tom Miller

Hey man, you're doing a good thing. Keep it up, but come on with the next post, foolio!

Rosilin johnson

I want to thank you so much for doing this blog!!!! I go to school in 2011. I am excited. Can you be a honor grad for this school?


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