So today was Day 0 according to the training schedule. It started off with a 0600 weigh in and tape if you needed it. Then change into ACU's and in our seats by 0730. After that, it was basically filling out paperwork and getting briefings by everyone imaginable. Let me tell you now, the rules are gayness times 10. It's a basic training fort and TRADOC, so there are tons of officers. From 2LT's going to their training to 3-Stars with nothing to do with their time. It's almost to the point that they go over so many don'ts you have no idea what you can do. I guess it's not that bad, just a little more strict on everything they teach you about customs in basic, I guess these officers get really bent out of shape if your not saluting them a mile away. We also started on enlistment eligbility, but not to into since people will still be coming in tomorrow. Overall, it was a long day sitting in a class room. But it's not the worst day apparently. We'll see and I'll let you know when I find out. And there is homework today, only 68 questions on Chapters 1,2,3,5 of  AR 601-210.

PT is M,W,F from 0600-0700 and it's not for improvement, it's basically the learning of the Pre-BCT PT and the evaluation of you conducting it. The instructors seem pretty knowledgable and laid back on some things. Some of the gayer things (if that makes any sense). And remember, the Army don't shake hands anymore, we fist bump.

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