Weekend #3 is now done and over with. It was pretty relaxing. All I did was work on my "Army Story" book, which is pretty boring and time consuming, but its a necessary evil here. I just need a few more things that I couldn't get online for it and I'll be done. So not very much to post today. I will however touch on a few things that has been asked.

For the E-7's coming through this course, be prepared to be the class leader or the class 1SG as the instructors like to call it. You'll be sitting in the back of the class room so that way the instructors can talk to you and pull you to the side without interrupting the class. It's not like any other schools where your out in front of formations, it's pretty much admin stuff. All paperwork from the students go through you and the instructors give you all the info to put out. And yes, you'll probably have a room mate, pretty gay but it happens.

Apparently they actually dedicate a whole day to getting your ASU, I think it's on a Friday or week 4 I believe. They take you down to clothing and sales and get you all sized up. Then after that, you go down by the replacement battalion and get hooked up with 2 more pairs of ACU's. So at least you get a couple free uniforms outta the whole deal.

You'll also be taking a class photo while your here. There will be 2 actually. A serious one and a not so serious one. I don't know what they do with them besides hang them on the wall here at the school house.

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