Well, I went in with only my packet left to do, should have been done before lunch. I finished around 1500. The CG USAREC and CSM USAREC decided that they wanted to talk to all of recruiting land at school. So from 0930 until lunch we spent listening to them, what did they talk about you might ask, I don't really know. The CG talked about things he's learned over his military career and the CSM talked about...... I don't remember. Anyway it was long and kinda boring, they just pretty much re-enforced what we as NCO's already know and do. But low and behold I did get my packet done and complete in two hours after lunch. So I am all done with testing for RECEX and recruiter school. The ones who No Go'ed the phone calls yesterday re-did them this morning and after lunch they started on the Army Interview and of course since the USAREC command team decided to stop by today there are still a couple hand fulls of people that still need to do their Army Interview. So tomorrow we have to be there at 0700, which isn't bad, NO PT!!!! About 10 of us who are completely done  get to show up in civilians clothes and do some training thing for the Guidance Couselor Course, basically we get to play civilians who are getting inprocessed at MEPS. So that should be fun. After lunch we pick up our ASU's, go back and finish up the training thing with the GC's and we are good for the day.

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