Well today was day two of our phone calls. And that is all we did. It does get boring listening to everyone go through it. It's still a little nerve racking doing it even though you've heard the rest of you small group go through it. You sit there and think about what you would say and picture it on how it's going to go, but when you get up there you go blank. Your actually calling your peers, even though it's not on a real phone. But sometimes the SGL will want to act as the applicant and that is a night mare. I was the lucky one who she decided to pick on me. She laid it on hard. At some points in there I had no idea what to even say. While it was hard and I thought I did like crap I still managed to hit most points that your supposed to, and it was good learning because thats how it may really be. As students we just say minimal things while we are the applicant and follow the script almost to a "T" but she throws some wrenches in there, so it's all good.

On a side note you CAN fail the final week, RECEX, and be recycled. There was one student from a class doing their RECEX and he got No Go'ed twice and got recycled to week 5, only 2 weeks back, but still that sucks. They say as long as you stay motivated and hit the points they want you to then your good.

And thats about it for today. Probably the same thing tomorrow.

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