I'm so glad this week is almost over. This morning we did PT again, we ran in preperation for the CG's run next week. Once we got to class we went back into all the regs and started reading again. ALL DAY! It covered how to interact with high schools and colleges. It was kinda interesting in a way. I mean, it will give you some good ideas on how to do things creatively. Oh yeah, we also got a reintergration briefing and talked about how things will be a lot different out there being a recruiter than it is in the regular Army.

On a side note, I've put on 7 pounds since I got here. Guess I gotta put Golds Gym membership to use. By the way, speaking of the gym, the Gold's Gym here is awesome. It's like a $25 processing fee and $39 a month. And since you'd be in the military, 30 days from when you leave you just bring in your travel orders and they cancel it when you leave no questions asked. If you've never been to Golds Gym, everything is included except tanning and the nail salon. But they have tons of cardio machines (all of which you can watch tv on) free weights, a pool, a indoor track, and some workout programs. So its pretty nice.
juan steele

I will be in FT Jackson in May for class.

Do you have a roommate?

Recruiter Life

Yes, I have a roommate. But I'd be gone before you got here anyway. School is about 45 days, so I'll be outta here mid April.


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