So today was the day that everyone has been waiting for, assignment day. We found out our assignments. Well, at least the Battalions. The volunteers at least got something off of their list. I got Great Lakes Battalion and that was my 4th choice. Another guy got his 2nd choice of Tampa. Most weren't too mad about their assignments. Just a word of warning though, if you have to re-enlist or extend to meet the retention requirements I suggest that you get that handled as soon as possible because you won't find out your assignment until then.

The retest for those who failed the first test was today, and those that failed for the 2nd time were sent packing. The rumor on the street is as long as you got above a 70% this time they would bring you back. Our class is now down to the mid 20's which is the smallest one here right now. As far as instruction today we learned about the Pre-BCT PT this morning when we did PT and the classroom stuff was boring. It's so dry and unstimulating that the instructor was having a hard time staying motivated to teach. It's all about being a recruiter basically, what you can and can't do with applicants and the government equipment and how to interact with the community. There is another test this Friday. The material comes out of all kinds of AR's and UR's (USAREC Regs.) so that makes looking up stuff on the test that much more fun. This week promises to be just as fun as today.
juan steele

Are you and your classmates able to switch assignments?

Recruiter Life

No, they make that very clear when they give them out. I guess USAREC takes a look at who you are and matches you up to an area that could use someone like you. I don't know how they do it, but they think they are right so they don't allow assignment changes except in very few cases.

In class now

Just to let everyone know that is not a volunteer, we were given our assignments today and most of us got our first choice. I will caveat this however; they will give you a list to choose from of currently open slots throughout USAREC. So of the choices we did get, most of us got what we wanted.

SGT James McCollum

I voulnteered as well. I would like to know what where you 1,2,3 choice in BNs? I really hoping I get my 1st(Mid Atlantic) or 2nd(New York City) choice of assignments.


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