Today was our first test. It was all about what we covered from AR 601-210. It was mostly situational, for example,

John is a prior service applicant wanting to return to active duty. He served 9 years in the Army and got out as a SPC. What is his eligibility. A. Qualified; B. Disqualified, Waiver Authorized, BN CDR Approval; C. Disqualified, Waiver Authorized, CG, USAREC Approval; D. Disqualified, No Waiver Authorized.

Thats pretty much it. All of it could be found within the reg if you knew where to look and paid attention to the wordage of it all. It's tricky for some and not so much for others. We had one guy get 100%, I got a 92%, but about 44% of the class failed. We then reviewed the test after we received our scores. After that, those that passed were released and those who didn't achieve 80% or better stayed for retraining. Supposedly it's supposed to take a lil while for them to finish. They'll retest Monday morning as the rest of us start our first PT session. After that whoever fails again is going home. So everyone out there that really don't want to do this, just fail the first test twice. That was our day.

Another thing that popped up today was we have "mandatory" community service also. So tomorrow about 15 of us will be going to a local high school to grade a JROTC PT test. Those of who don't go will be going out next Saturday to pass out flyers for some kind of clothing donations and then going out the Saturday after that to pick them up. Oh and I almost forgot, PT here is gay, we have to form up at one place and march to the PT field singing cadence, with roadguards wearing organe vests and then someone has to carry a 5 gallon water cooler. But whatever pleases the brass I guess. It's only 3 times a week for about 5 weeks, so only 15 times, can't be that bad right. But where I come from my unit doesn't even sing cadence so I guess I better not try to figure one out.
joshua henning

good shit on the test bro. our jrotc test is easy and wow u don't do cadences at your base, we do a lot. good luck with everything

juan steele

"mandatory" community service

Did your class plan it?
Was it planned for you?

Recruiter Life

It was planned for us.


That sucks... I'm on week 6 and we don't have to do community service haha.


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