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Graduation Rehearsal was kinda gay. Gotta be there at 0730 for a briefing by the Center One people, which only took bout an hour and half, then it was time to rehearse. They have this whole format and really precise things they want you to do. We went through it all a bunch of times. They coudn't make it a simple march in, call of some names and be done with it. They want to you march in, say the soldier's creed, they do some speeches, honor the class leader, the person with the highest PT score, the honor grad, then you walk across the stage, do a couple more things, sing the Army song, then your done. But we went over it like 5-6 times for rehearsal, mainly the saying of the Soldier's Creed because people are used to saying it at different speeds and stuff. But the good news is that it's an early day. Your not dismissed per se but rather "released" to prep for graduation and clear out your room. I went and picked up my wife from the airport in Charlotte, N.C. Your also get your paperwork for your duty station. You get a memo awarding the Recruiter Badge for permanent wear, orders awarding the ASI of "4", and the request for orders paper to turn in when you get back to your duty station.

You clear out of your room before 0600. The class leader is the last one to clear out and you turn your meal card in when you show up to graduation. Graduation starts at 0900. You do all the stuff and then your done and released to go back to your duty station. We stayed one more night in the Columbia area and made our way back to my duty station starting Saturday morning. Graduation only took about an hour. Now I'm officially done with Recruiting and Retention School.

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I just took the 601-210 exam and failed both attempts. My researching and confidence in the answers I find are my struggling points. I should be going back in a month or so. Do you have any ideas for me to strengthen these..? As you know you can't really "study" for it just familiarize with the reg. I really need some practice questions or something of the sort. Any help would be greatlly appreciated!


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