Today was long and boring. Long to the extent that it was all Chapter 4 which basically covers the waiver stuff. Most of it is all about the types of charges a applicant can have and how many and what requires a waiver and what makes them disqualified. Towards the end it was kinda a review for tomorrows exam. Yes, the Friday of your first week there is an exam. Supposedly this is what gets most people, it's even sometimes said that if they can pass this exam they are good to go and no other test is as hard. It sounds like it's only hard because there are so many combinations of charges someone can have and each combination can have a different outcome. I'll let everyone know about the exam tomorrow and maybe throw in a few examples of questions. What I do know is that it's 40 questions, you have 3 hours to take it, and it's multiple choice. If you fail it there will be retraining after class and a retest on Monday. After that I think they kick you out if you fail the retest. Other than that nothing happened.

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