Today was the CAPSTONE. It wasn't as bad as we all thought. It is 50 questions, so only 10 more than any other written test. The only thing that made it a little harder was the fact that it covers everything from day 1 to now, so it is a ton of regulations to search through. As long as you know how to use the search feature well it won't take as long. I got a 90 and others did just as well or ever a little better. After the test we just BS'ed with our instructor a little bit and went and got a walk around of the RECEX place. They have a room that has a bunch of smaller rooms in it and those are the evaluation rooms. They have about 4 or 5 for the Army Interview and 1 for the phone call. The phone call is the first thing that you do, and unlike in class all you know is their name and their education code and even that you don't find out until you sit down in the chair to make the call. We are still kinda unclear on how we get all the information for the Army Interview, we were told they'll give us a scenario sheet like they did in class, but the evaluator made it sound like the only information we get is what we find out while on the phone. So I don't know, I'll let you know when I go through on Monday. I'm nervous as hell because I got stuck with the evaluator that all instructors say is a d*ck head and is a badge protector. Almost everyone that goes through him is No Go'ed at least once. Oh yeah, the way they break down what evaluator you get is ABC order. So the people in your RECEX group won't be those in your small group.

The phone call you'll be calling the evaluator and the Army Interview you will be giving it to your fellow student. The interview I'm not to worried about because you get time to practice and "script" out because as an instructor said, you get time after the phone call to practice so therefore the person that will be your applicant knows what your going to say and you'll be able to make sure they respond the way that you want, so basically your not sittin there not knowing if they are going to say something that will trip you up. The last few things you have to do for RECEX is making a packet and put a COI/VIP into the computer. You do that in another room and with a different evaluator and from what I've been told you get a whole scenario sheet on that part so there is nothing that you have to make up or guess on, it's right in front of you. But like I said I'll fill everyone in on Monday, if all goes well I'll pass everything on that day so I'll be able to tell you all about it. I also want it to be over, after your done with RECEX it's pretty much smooth sailing with no real hard times after that.

Good luck, man. You've been really helpful, I wish you the best.

Recruiter Life

Thanks. I hope you do well if/when you come through.

rosilin johnson

You write very well. You really know how to expree your feelings and give detailed info. You are very helpful!!! You are doing a great job by the way!! I know you will make a great recruiter!


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