Sorry it's taken so long for the new posts to be put, we as a class have been dealing with alot of stuff the last few days.

Well, today we went down to Charleston to do some P3/Face to Face prospecting. It was a nice day out, sunny, not too hot and a nice breeze coming off the water. It was a little different talking to people face to face, but it wasn't too bad. Almost everyone that we ran into were on vacation and really didn't want to be bothered. We got there around lunch time so we got something to eat first. Before we left we went to a pharmacy to get something to drink and we got a history lesson on Charleston from the owner. She was nice and gave us some free water. The ride back put everyone to sleep. It's only bout an hour to hour and half but after walking around all day in the sun kinda took it out of us.

Ah your class was the one that got in trouble isn't it. :) word spreads fast in the school house


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