Another pretty cut and dry, boring day. We did more of our 2nd round interviews. This time you weren't allowed to use any notes, you had to go by memory alone, to say the least I bombed it. I forgot the APPLEMDT part, which I kept making it a point to study a little bit of it everyday so I wouldn't forget. I realized it about half way through and by then it was a little to late. But oh well, we still have a 3rd one to do, so hopefully I remember then. Tomorrow we are doing our presentations that we were assigned like week 2 or 3. Mine is on "Personal Courage" to the Boy Scouts. Tomorrow we are also getting a lesson on face to face prospecting and area canvassing in preparation for our lil field trip to Charleston. But on a good note, they finally turned the A/C on in the school house. It helped out tremedously because 3 fans and an open window was not keeping it c

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