Now that week 5 is done we only have 2 weeks left. But today was sweet as hell because we had no class. We went to SRP at 0730 and that didn't last long because most of us had everything done. Some people needed to get shots, and some needed vision or hearing screening. But luckly the vision and hearing people weren't in so we were all done by like 0930, then we were off and could do whatever we wanted until 1245. At 1245 we went to the clothing and sales to get fitted for the ASU, that wasn't too bad, they just got you pants that fit and a coat for now. Many have to come back to get a special order coat. The Wedsnesday before graduation is when you go pick them up and pay. As soon as we were done there, we headed over to the CIIF and picked up 2 pair of brand new ACU's. As soon as you got through the fast line you were free to day. I was off by 1500. A nice good long weekend.

Hey bro, awesome blog. I read it regularly. How does it work with finding out exactly where you'll be going beyond the BN level and CO level all the way to the station level, so you can start looking into houses? I know you're supposed to take the Permissive TDY en route, but 10 days isn't a long time to be looking for a house, you know what I mean? Also, how do weekends work? Does anyone go home or anything on weekends or do they have you pulling bullcrap details?

Recruiter Life

The whole thing down to station level varies. If you volunteered more than likely you'll get the station level when they tell you your assignment. But some are slowly finding out as the days go on. At the very least you'll find out what Battalion your going to and you'll call them. They then should start working on down the chain until they find out your station. Once you find that you should be able to start looking for a home. However, they have been known to switch it up once time gets closer or once you get there. The weekends are yours, you can do whatever you want. Some do go home, you'll have to do a pass for it if it's outside the Columbia area and if your flying anywhere they want the flight itenarary. Othere than that they don't care what you want, no details that I know of. I have heard of one student pulling staff duty, but in the 5 1/2 weeks I've been here no one has even mentioned us doing it.


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