Telephone calls are this week. We aren't actually using a telephone though I don't think. Today we just went over the layout of a call. It's pretty simple, it should only take about 5 minutes or so when you get it down. Basically you start off telling who you are and who you're representing, find out what they want to do after school and kinda hint on some Army programs that could help them out. Also, you learn how to get over obstacles they throw at you, for example, I don't want to be yelled at. The whole purpose is just to get a face to face interview with them, keeping in mind that an interview doesn't mean enlistment.

It sounds simple enough, but the Army in all it's genius wants it in a certain format of course. Why wouldn't they let you just talk up the Army, they have to make sure you do this and that and say this or that. So thats the hardest part, hitting all the points they want you to.

All together you'll "make" 5 phone calls, 3 in class and 2 for homework. This part of the class you need to work with the people in your small group. First, they are the ones that your "calling" and second, you have to do your homework with them. The homework involves getting together and "calling" the other one while working off the scenario that was given to you by the instructor. This week seems like it's more lax than the first 3 weeks. That may be because it's only about phone calls so there isn't too much you can get into the book about, it's all about hands on stuff.

Oh, by the end of the week you need to have your "Army Story" book done because next week is the Army interview which all comes out of that book for the most part. It sounds like it will be a little harder because this is when you actually "sell" the Army to them, not just get the interested in hearing about it. It obviously takes a little longer and requires more talking. It's all Go/No Go from here on out for the most part.
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who do you call for the test
SGL or classmate?

Recruiter Life

Well, it depends on the SGL. The whole first "call" was to a student. Keep in mind that the "call" is just you sitting at a desk in the front of the classroom talking, no real phone. Other classes have their SGL's takin the call. We switch it up every now and again, and let me tell you the SGL's know how to trip you up, more than a few times did she stop me in my tracks leaving me speechless.


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