So here is the new post everyone has been waiting for. I didn't post the last two days because nothing at all new happened. We took our PT Test Wedsnesday, everyone but one person passed. But nothing happened to that person. So it's not a real big deal. The 2 mile run is a little weird and I think that it will play a mind game with you so you aren't sure exactly how well your doing, so my run was a little slower. Not to mention about 200 other people trying to take a PT test that day. But none the less I passed. The instructors don't mind if you do the minimum and get up. However, the person with the highest PT score gets the Iron Man award at the end and the score gets factored into your overall course grade. And against all info I've been given they do have an honor grad for this course.

Anyway, as far as classwork, you just practice creating the applicants processing paperwork. It's all at your own pace, so most of Wedsnesday and all of Thursday I just kinda did what I wanted to do. They'll give you a paper with a bunch of information on it and you go into the computer system and input all the data and then reserve their slot in the Army. From start to finish each packet will take anywhere from 45 mins to 2 hrs. The test was today (Friday), it was the same thing we've been doing all week. There was no percentage grade, it was either Go/NoGo. Everyone passed. After lunch we met with our small group instructors, so this was the last day with the whole class for instruction. The small groups seem like it will be a fun time. We'll see come Monday. Week 4 starts Monday and it's the telephone part. I'm not liking the idea of that, I've never been one to talk on the phone very long, and when I do I like to get up and walk around, but I doubt that will fly in the Recruiting world. Other than that, we did next to nothing the last three day. Oh, we did do a CG's Run today (Friday) minus the CG. So I guess he didn't wanna come out and pl

juan steele

How long was the CG's run about 5 miles right?

Did you guy run by housing singing and awaking up all the wife's and babies?

What is the ratio in small groups
student to instructor?

Recruiter Life

They said it was about 4.5 miles. And no we stayed away from housing. We just ran some loops around the barracks and the PT area.

Our ratio is about 9 to 1. But we have a pretty small class. We only have a total of about 26 students, and all the other classes are almost double our size. But we only have 3 small groups instead of the normal 4. So a normal class should be between 9 and 15 or so.


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