The rest of the class arrived today. We have about 40 or so people. It started off with a little bit of reading from 601-210. We handed in our homework, they didn't grade it they just made sure that we did it all. Then the people from the Ops. cell came in to brief us about finance and the ASU. Males will get 418.80 plus 62.00 for alterations for their ASU and females will get 390.75 plus 62.00 for alterations for theirs. They made it a point to let us know that we HAD to get new ones because the CSM's at our new Battalions will want to see them and if we didn't buy them they will ask where the money is and possibly hand out some UCMJ. The best part of the whole day probably is when Mrs. Gray came in to talk about assignments. Yes, today is when all DA select will fill in their assingment preferences based on whats available. It's all online so only the choices that need new recruiters will pop up for selection, and that changes weekly. This week there were alot in the mid west and upper east coast. None from Florida, apparently thats a hot pick. Soldiers who volunteered for recruiting like myself didn't have to pick any preferences since we already filled out ours when we put our packet together. The rest of the day was devoted to more of AR 601-210 and we got our nifty ACU laptop backpacks (which can hold 9 Heinekens and ice).

Many are probably wondering about food and why we aren't authorized in and around mileage. Breakfast and lunch will be at the NCO Club just a few blocks away, probably only place to eat since most times you only get about an hour for lunch. Dinner is on the voucher system. It's just a punch card that's worth $10 each meal. So you go to either Burger King, Manchu Wok, Anthony's Pizza, Cinnabon, Taco Bell, Blimpies, and Charleys order your food, hand them the punch ticket and then sign the receipt and USAREC will foot the bill up to $10, over that is on you. But most places you can get a decent meal for that much. The school house will provide a van for students to use to go to dinner or out to the mall or something like that for free and as long as it's used properly, and since it's available for everyone that somehow justifies no in and around miles for us. But I don't see 40 people wanting to go to the same place all the time, so POV's will be used mostly (I'm using mine) so this don't make much sense to me. Oh and they preach that USAREC is no longer the "mafia" but only time will tell.
Sue Messersmith

When you pick locations, do you get to pick the BNs/Bdes or actual cities?



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