So today is Sunday, and from what I've read on I should check in on Sunday even though my orders say Monday. Well, I did and I think that it has paid off. I'm guessing that the rooms on base are first come first serve, so being here early I got a room. And I was the first one in that room so I got to pick my bed. Also, you start inprocessing Monday at 0600 so it makes sense to check in on Sunday.

Everyone wonders about the room. It's set up like a hotel room, a very small hotel room. As soon as you walk in the room there is your living area, two twin size beds, a mini fridge with freezer, a microwave, flat screen tv, dvd player, internet connection, two end tables, and two small desks. There are two closets with a little dresser and in room safe in each. They can be locked from the outside. The bathroom is ok. Walking into it there is a sink and coffee pot. Then there is the toilet and shower. The door closes to the toilet/shower room. But overall there isn't much room so you can't bring too much stuff. The school is only like 45 days so you shouldn't need that much. And YES there is maid service. They'll come and clean your room everyday.

I decided to check in at 0730 because thats what my orders said. But the lady at the front desk said normally it's at 1400. So I was early. Inprocessing doesn't start until Monday at 0600 for the weigh in. That's in PT's. But you'll find all that out when you check in at the welcome center because the school puts an info packet out at the front desk for each student to take with them. The person at the front desk will explain where your room is and where your classroom is. They'll even give you a map. And be advised the rooms are pretty far from the classroom. And then parking is far from the rooms. So you walk quite a bit. Other than that I haven't done nothing today except unpack and find out where everything is.

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