So today is really the first time that I've written in my blog. Up until now it's just been getting it set up and friendly on the eyes. I started this mainly because as I am preparing for Recruiter school I have been researching it to the best of my abilities. I've googled every variation of words that would give me returns on the info. I'm looking for. Low and behold I haven't found much beyond that of what USAREC has put up. I did however find a blog from another soldier laying out their account of Recruiter school, however a bit old, so that gave me the idea to create my own and hopefully shed some up to date light on what possibly may happen to others as they take this adventure.

First, let my lay out that I volunteered for Recruiting, so take that as it may. Many things about this are new to me. I'm finding out things that excite me and bring me down all the time. Let me begin with what excites me. A new area, Fort Riley sucks so any new place is a good place; more in the civilian life, depending on where I go a military base may be some distance away, so there will be "normal" people living around me; non-deployable, I've been deployed three times already, it's not that fun, plus my family is excited about that part; and a new challenge, who doesn't like challenges in their life? Now for what brings me down. School, it's a month and a half long, that just blows, who likes to go to school that long; the time table, I can't schedule transportation without PCS orders, PCS orders won't get cut until I'm back from school, I get back 45 days before my report date is scheduled, then I have to minus out the PCS leave I wanna take; the unknown, most everyone you talk to says Recruiting sucks, so naturally that makes me worry; more in the civilian life, while I said I enjoy that part, I don't like the fact that some things will cost more, no more PX or Commissary if there is no base around; moving, moving sucks no matter where your going to, even though the Army will pay for most of it, there is still the things I'm gonna move on my own and then the drive to where it may be.

Well, I think thats a good start to what I hope will be a long going informative blog. I'm going to try to put things in here in as much detail as I can, so that future Recruiters will have a good share of reference material and a heads up. Feel free to contact me via the "About Me" tab and leave your comments or quesstions. I'll try to respond to anyone as soon as I can to the best of my knowledge and if I can't help you I'll try to point you in the right direction to get help. I hope you come back for more updates and information, until next time be safe and good luck!
3/10/2011 12:04:32 pm

Love is, above all, the gift of oneself. Do you agree?

SGT Mitchell
4/4/2011 02:10:29 pm

I think you doing this is absolutely wonderful because I have run into some of the same challenges in that most information that I come across is from USAREC. Thank you.


3/27/2012 11:47:07 am

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3/27/2012 11:47:27 am

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7/10/2012 10:23:06 am

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7/10/2012 10:28:28 am

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