I haven't attended Recruiter School yet or have I really started getting ready for my move. However, I have attended my LEVY brief and found out some good information.

First, transportation is going to suck. They say that it's best to set up a packing and moving appointment a few months in advance, but since I'm going to school first they say I can't until I get home because my actual PCS orders won't be published until then and of course they can't do appointments without orders, even a tentative appointment. Now to me, with the way they talk about how booked up they get I would think they would allow you to schedule one before school because as far as I've heard you can't fail Recruiter School. But no joy on that one. Which will give me about 45 days to get an appointment and packed and on the road, on top of that I wan't to take PCS leave, so in reality I wanna be out of here (Ft. Riley) withing 30-35 days after returning from school.

All I can really do is prep my family and my on-post house for the move. The family is ready, like ready now, my wife wants to move now, she don't care to really as long as it's not Kansas anymore. The kids, well they are as ready as we want them to be, they don't know really wants going on. The house is going to take a bit of work. We have some things we need to repair. But first we need to repaint our walls back to the white that they were. That should be fun. Then there is the kitchen floor, for some reason our dog thought that she could dig through the floor, but all that happened was the linoluem got tore up. Then they have to come do a pre-termination inspection, hopefully they don't see the burn in the counter top, the missing blind, the partially melted siding, or the holes the dog dug in the back yard. If they don't see that stuff we should be able to make it out of here without horrible fees being due. And, personally, these houses are old enough and should be demolished soon.
Tom Miller
4/20/2010 10:11:50 am

So there is a honor grad and dist honor grad and commandants list and all that?

Recruiter Life
4/22/2010 09:08:07 am

There is only an Honor Grad. He'll get an AAM for it. There is also the "Iron Man" award for whoever got the highest PT score. But no commandants list.


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